Five business partners lead a dedicated team of accountants boasting expertise in Taxation Law Compliance, Goods and Services Tax, Superannuation as well as business performance, structure and management planning.

Meet the Partners

David Skinner
B. BUS (Accounting) CPA
Since joining Andresen McCarthy Partners in 1988, David has developed expertise in the areas of Taxation Law and Compliance, Superannuation Funds, Business Management and Planning. David’s impressive broad client base led to his appointment to partnership in 1995.

"If you’re looking for a firm offering professional expertise with the personal touch then talk to our team at Andresen McCarthy Partners and you’ll see the difference."
David Skinner, Partner.



Paul Jenkin
B. BUS (Accounting) CPA
Paul joined Andresen McCarthy Partners in 1997 before becoming a Partner in 2004. Paul specialises in Taxation Law and Compliance, Goods and Services Tax Matters, Industry Analysis, Business Structures and Business Analysis.

“The key to our success has been the complete focus on our clients’ needs and then exceeding their expectations.”

Paul Jenkin, Partner.



David Cassarino
B. BUS (Accounting) CPA
David joined Andresen McCarthy Partners in 2000 and became a partner in 2005. David is an integral part of the business with superior expertise in Taxation Law and Compliance, Goods & Services Tax, Business Structures and Performance.

“We pride ourselves on our high standards of integrity and ethics and take our responsibilities to our clients seriously.”

David Cassarino, Partner.



Michael Gigliotti​
B. BUS (Accounting) CPA
Michael joined Andresen McCarthy Partners in 2001 before becoming a partner in 2005. Michael's areas of expertise include Taxation Law and Compliance, Superannuation funds, Goods & Services Tax matters and Business Performance.

“We invest heavily in our staff as we recognise their significant contribution to the success of our firm.”

Michael Gigliotti, Partner.



Kris Kernke
B Com (Accounting) CPA
Kris joined Andresen McCarthy Partners in 2006 and became a partner in 2013. Kris has specialist knowledge in the areas of Superannuation, Income Tax and Business Structures.

“We help clients to work smarter and not harder in order to achieve their business and personal goals.”

Kris Kernke, Partner.




We understand ongoing staff development and training is fundamental for fostering trust with our valued clients. We are, therefore, dedicated to continued staff training and mentoring to ensure every member remains up-to-date with current law reforms and accounting procedures.

Our hand-picked selection of motivated professionals shares the common goal of upholding Andresen McCarthy’s philosophies and renowned business approach.


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